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I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with this forum. I see more and more comments from people who claim to be professionals that make me put my head in my hands! In this thread alone there are two comments that just scream fauxtog.

Someone commented that digital cameras do not take black and white images automatically. This person either uses a point and shoot or has no idea of the settings on their DSLR. Furthermore, NO-ONE has corrected them on this before now. Most dslr’s shoot in monochrome. In fact, I’ve never used one that doesn’t! Even my old fuji S700 shot in black and white back in 2003!

The other comment was  “no editing is worse than over editing.”  Just because someone does not edit their images does not mean they cannot edit or are a fauxtog. It’s called getting it right in camera. If editing were a 100% requirement to being a professional, how did they manage in the 80’s shooting on film? The anser is, they were professionals who knew their camera, it’s settings and how to use them to get the best results in camera.  I don’t always edit my images, and if I do edit them it’s literally just minor color balance adjustments or a slight adjustment to contrast.

This forum appears to be a place for fauxs to poke fun at other fauxs, with the odd exeption to the rule of course. People on here seem to think that if they use enough termanology they can hide behind it and call themself a pro.  I wonder how many of the people on here could shoot in film in manual and still get great photos. My guess is around 10%.