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@Rizzo     I haven’t been on in a couple days so I figured I’d include my thoughts in one post.

The “Country Sheek” one I think bugged me the most. If you’re going to name your business, make sure the words are right. Country Chic was probably taken. Don’t misspell it so you can still use it! Come up with a different damn name! *twitch*
Her photos… I was one guilty of believing I could take pictures at high noon with nothing to diffuse them. I was guilty of telling a friend “I can’t see your face, turn toward the sun. Now hold those eyes open!” (High School… omg bad!) but I never sold that shit. I knew it looked wrong. Facebook, suuuuure, you can put them on facebook/myspace, whatever… but charging? Dear Lord NO!  That little baby in her recent pictures, oh my word, so crazy cute… but as a mother, I would be so disappointed if I paid for those! She makes the baby look boring! Those big, beautiful eyes… and they look like mud puddles. So sad!

TL Photography: GODAWFUL GLAMOUR GLOW! Need I say more? Gag me.
Wait… there is one more thing…
CountryLife Photography: Borders… Borders everywhere. *Insert Toy Story Meme here* I actually stuck out my tongue and shuddered at my desk just now remembering them. wuhhh… <- that is the sound of my shuddering.

:      You know, that one of the family with the jeeps, if shot tighter and fixed WB (or even lazily done in a tonal B&W) could have turned out well. Not a bad family snapshot, but definitely not one I would accept from someone saying they’re a professional!
She has some serious white balancing issues. Everyone struggles with that at first, but man don’t post EVERYTHING you produce if it’s not right. I hate seeing the same photo in a converted grayscale next to the color one. Pick one. How hard is it to just pick one?!
And the edits… ugh… the edits.
Seriously, do people pay for you to actually use instagram for them? Because I want to find those people and keep them from ever reproducing or influencing youth. EVER.
When it comes to her pricing, I can’t understand how someone can even think they’re making a profit off of that nonsense. Even her pricing for frames is meager. Say she’s buying them from the dollar store, she’s not making a profit when you factor in time, pricing, taxes and gas.

And Yes, JimC, I did the SAME thing when I saw that one.


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