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The photos on the left page are dark and have a yellow cast due to ambient lighting.  The photos on the right were brightened and colour corrected.  The last set I shot are hopefully bright enough, but were left very warm because “as shot” and colour corrected were shown and “as shot” was selected.  I just uploaded an 82 page book, and I will be annoyed if someone resets the white balance before printing.  In about a week I will find out.

Wedding and studio photos are completely different creatures, usually.   Small flash is different than studio strobes and at the wedding, you may not be allowed to use a flash.  At the reception, you can use a flash but you are usually running around as the bride moves from reception line to dinner, to dancing.   If you have an assistant you might have a single off camera speedlight, otherwise it will just be a speedlight in the hot shoe.   I could see a number of questions about umbrellas and softboxes for speedlights coming from a guy who uses those modifiers on studio strobes.  You can get little softboxes that fit a speedlight while it is in the hot shoe and you can get bigger ones for mounting on a stand with a remote speedlight.  You can get stands with umbrellas, for speedlights, as well.  Mine are made by Nikon.  The umbrella is deeper than the umbrellas for my studio strobes and the black cover does not have a silver lining so a little light goes through both layers!  That probably makes it a little lighter and more economical to make.

Sometimes context matters.  I have umbrellas and softboxes.  If we were talking specifically about weddings, I would also say I never used them.  I just put a white piece of paper half way around the speedlight as a bigger bounce card.