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… and I have seen other pros that are fantastic, that don’t have a spare. It makes me worried but that’s their gamble.

I shot a wedding a couple of weeks ago on a beach at Key West, FL.  I flew down with a big backpack full of gear then packed a smaller bag with what I thought would be useful at the beach and left the rest on the ship.  After the ceremony and reception lunch, I switched to my backup camera for some candid photos on the way back to the ship.  I doubt anyone noticed that I changed cameras.  If you are walking around with two cameras on your shoulder, it is obvious but hardly anyone notices a black bag stuck in a corner and even fewer are curious, or brazen, enough to look inside it.  It could be lenses, flashes, or a whole system.

The other photographers were a husband and wife team from LA.  I think they each had a single 5D Mk II.  That arrangement let them cover bride and groom simultaneously and during the wedding one shot long and the other short which also had benefits.  If a camera failed, only one of them would still be working, but they would still get photos.  Spare everything, including photographer.

Digital camera bodies are tough though.  This video shows a 7D is really strong, or that Kai is crazy…   http://www.digitalrev.com/article/canon-7d-hardcore-durability-test/MjA0MjMyMTE_A