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I disagree.  If you’re not set up to do the job and have the equipment to do so, then you’re not pro.  I doubt my dentist doesn’t have a backup drill or that my regular doctor doesn’t have a backup way to take blood pressure, etc.  There are aspects to running a business and this is one of them.  “Just starting out” should mean hobby and not quite a business yet, when you want to go pro, you handle it like a pro.  I think this is different from owning high-end gear.  You can run a business and be pro with lower end cameras if you know how to use them, just like your doctor might take all the blood pressure the old-fashioned way (ie not digitally) but in any job, it’s expected that if you’re advertising to do something, you have covered all your bases.  It’s like going to the mechanic and they say, sorry, our last wrench broke, we can’t work on your car until we order another one, or sorry, your car is going to take 4 more hours because that guy over there is using our one screwdriver.  Unacceptable.