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@browneyedgirl89 Other than your lenses focusing on what it thinks is in focus and throwing the rest of the image out of focus, your lenses might be guilty of front or rear focusing. A tool like Datacolor’s Spyder LensCal might be worth checking into to see if your lenses aren’t calibrated. Even some of my lenses weren’t calibrated for perfect autofocus, and even though it was minor, simple adjustments can be made by entering the required values into the camera, if it supports that. Nikon calls it AF Fine Tune, Canon calls it AF Microadjustment. There are other tools that do the same thing as LensCal (about $70 or so), but it might be worth considering if you want peace of mind about your lenses or to test any new ones you get.

While my D800 and a multitude of fast full-frame lenses serve as the gear I use for “professional” stuff, it’s the D300 with 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G DX VR II lens that I use for my walk-around camera. It has served me quite well for being 5 years old and no longer in production. 🙂