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I’m going to have to set up a test and try out an ISO 160 noise test.

— Camera shake is more noticeable at longer focal lengths.  This is why very few short lenses have image stabilization and most of the long lenses do.  It is also the reason for the rule of thumb that shutter speed should be at least 1/<focal length>.  That rule does nothing to stop motion blur caused by a moving subject but it does tend to minimize blur caused by moving the camera.   The Canon 70-200 has a stabilizer mode switch to facilitate panning in mode 2.  Probably the Sigma has a similar arrangement.  Make sure the switches are set correctly.  Stabilization should come on when the shutter button is depressed half way for focusing.  You should be able to see the effect through the viewfinder and if you are in a very quiet room you may be able to hear the stabilizer come on.  As one of the other commenters mentioned, I am not a fan of tilted images but leaving that aside, I saw some photos I really liked.  I have a 30D which takes pretty good photos but is only 8 mpx.  I also have a Rebel T2i, which I carry when travelling or when I am just out wandering around.  I find it light and very capable although other models have stronger auto-focus.  It has very good noise control, a 5D Mk III is only about a stop or stop and a half better.  Any model 5 is full frame so you cannot use the EF-S lenses, you have to have EF lenses.  If you are using Sigma lenses, you have to use DG lenses, the DC lenses are only for APS-C sensor (crop) bodies.


— Most people will accept you as being whatever you say you are, if you can say it with a straight face.  Educated customers should be able to discern which photographers are really good and which are clueless.