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Exactly what I said before about getting an education of some sort, and I got totally bashed for it! I do not have a photography degree either. I took several photography, graphic software, and art courses in college as well as one business class. (I have over 80 credits but could not continue college at the time) Anyways, some sort of education in the subject is going to give you a huge advantage over those people who just think they can pick up a camera and boom! They’re a photographer. It doesn’t have to be college, but one should at the very least attend some sort of workshops or seminars and do immense amounts of self-study.

That bride is orange as a carrot and the fauxtog did not edit out the bruises on her shins. I can bet you any money that bride is not happy with her photos. How could anyone be?  And how unprofessional posting the images watermarked with the faux’s former business name. A real professional would have the original image files and be able to quickly create new files with the new business watermark. I’ve seen this before, with fauxs changing their business name a million times. Not like either name is flattering at all! Before I made my photography into a business, I did create a page for it on Facebook. It was mostly nature photos and portraits of my friends who I was practicing on. I wasn’t advertising myself for hire. But I wanted a place to show my work off. I came up with what I thought was a really creative name, “Flash in Time Photography.” After I created the page I realized everybody and their mother had a photography business with that name, it was totally unoriginal, and really pretty cheesy, AND I was playing off the word “flash” while I shot almost everything using natural light. I changed it after a short time. There is NO ONE with my business name, since I use my first and middle names which are both very uncommon. (I’m not a “Stacy Ann” or something common like that! lol)

Speaking of which, I did a FB search of “Flash in Time Photography” and a huge list popped up. From the thumbnails of their profile pictures I think they’re all fauxtogs. I clicked on one. Yeah, definitely glad my name is not associated with anything like this. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Flash-in-Time-Photography/216564715083397?sk=photos_stream

And that’s definitely a kit lens…