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Lol I’m sorry if I offend anyone but I don’t think I’d ever agree to shoot a wedding where the groom and groomsmen are wearing Wranglers, and the bridesmaids wearing foam flip flops. I’m all for cute country weddings (heck, the wedding I’m standing in this coming August, we’re wearing cowgirl boots) but hick wedding? No. My friend picked up an old Hi-8 Sony camcorder from a thrift store last year after looking online that they were going for $200 on eBay, and we found a hick wedding still on the cassette. It was narrated by an old woman and was in a courthouse and the guys all had Wranglers and the girls in jean jackets. Yeah, people do that, but as a photographer I will not be shooting that! There’s not much you can do to make that look professional. Then again, I doubt anyone doing a wedding like that would be paying a photographer more than $100.

On a side note about weddings, I saw my brother’s best friend while I was at work today. He (brother’s friend) just got married in January. He and his wife are both 21, and she’s super picky (and from what I remember, she was very prissy). I asked him who their photographer was and how they liked the photos. He said he really liked them (I also looked up the studio, they have some very nice work, very creative and beautiful poses, but I noticed they didn’t edit much like lightening up skin tones, but then again they didn’t have a ton of images on their website so it may not be a good enough representation of their skill). He said they cost almost $4000, and it was a husband and wife team. He said though that his wife was disappointed that there were a lot of shots of detail things like the bouquet, the venue, and decorations. I asked if they had a lot of nice photos of them and the people and he said yeah. I explained that photographers will take photos of the other elements of the whole weddings because it documents the whole scene and because those details were things she probably spent months planning. He understood, but said she’s just always really picky about photos. (Like I said, she’s very high-maintenance and also had her entire wedding paid for by her doctor father).