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Even in other forums, people will do their best to say nice things and try not to offend you.  When I put a photo shot at high ISO and smoothed to within an inch of disaster, it still got “nice” reviews, rather than honest ones.  I think it confused a lot of people too.  No big deal, but interesting to observe.

I have an Android phone, with an 8 Mpx camera, same pixel count as my Canon 30D.  The Canon delivers better photos in almost all circumstances.  That has nothing to do with the photographer and everything to with the hardware and ergonomics.  The couple of exceptions that come to mind are the exceptional DOF of the cell phone at close focus distances, and being credit card thin with a very small lens it can fit into places and shoot between things the larger camera cannot.

You said:

Her current photos are nice in composure, but are extremely grainy, simply because the iPhone just can’t take good photos in low light. I have an iPhone and I absolutely hate it. The default camera app is, in my opinion, horrible and lacking.

I can’t think of a better argument for upgrading to more capable hardware.  If the problem is too much grain, then upgrading to a sensor that’s ten times larger and much more tolerant of low light really will deliver the result “that her photos will be, well obviously better.”

If you have spare, or old gear, let her borrow a camera and see what she can do with it.  She may surprise you.