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I agree with you CC on the DOF at close range for most current cell phones. For their size and what they go through on a daily basis, they do take great macro photos and photos in general.
I had an Android Samsung Galaxy S4, but dropped in into a pond with no waterproof case, it took wonderful pictures. I currently have an iPhone 5 and the default app is basically full auto with no option to take control of the settings. I like Apple, but I don’t need Apple to tell me how to take a photo.

I would give her one of my backup cameras that is fully capable of performing what she requires, but she happens to live on the East Coast and I here on the West. I could ship it, but I’m not quite 100% sure how serious she is or if this is just that money making scheme that Friend “X” has planted in her head.

Until I get more of a feel for her full intentions, I will continue to just try to guide her from not being a typical “faux on the street” selling crappy artwork next to the velvet Elvis paintings.
True on the statement that upgrading to a much larger sensor will indeed result in better photos, less grain, but since she shoots in full auto not even nighttime scene mode, I don’t see her photos getting better due to just a gear upgrade.

Hopefully these will appear as I screen grabbed a few photos of hers for reference. Now these I grabbed are not the best ones I have seen of hers, needs a lot of work on the composure among other things, but just to give a f=reference. They are on my flickr page if they do not appear here.