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Thank you for your critique.  Couple things, I do not use the pop up flash and like photos with shallow depth of field using my 70-200 f/2.8. Hence the first picture with the older brother blurred out in the background.  I did that on purpose, but apparently it’s not something I should have done?

You talk about white balance issues several times, I like warmer toned pictures, not ones that are bright white, overexposed, kill the eyes.  I’ll work on the white balancing.  Gotta get a better carry around reflector/white balance…I’m planning on at some point, getting another flash and a set of pocket wizards, along with several modifiers…

I’m sure you hear/see this all the time, the friend that I shot the first set of pics from loved the photos and she was there with me when I was shooting, she was helping me pose the boys (her nephews)…The second set on facebook are my two kids shot at a walnut tree farm.