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Your images are just not up to par to be professional yet.  It’s obvious to me that you are just a beginner and still learning.

heres a more thorough critique and hopefully you get some others to post here to help you as well

First link.  This is your strongest shot

It would be a lot better without the other kid in the background though.  That’s what kills it.
White balance is off in all the images, giving a strange unhealthy yellow skin tone.

Shooting at a bad time of day when the sun is high, without modifiers or correct fill.  It just doesn’t work.  Unwanted shadows and splotches of light.  Not flattering at all.  If you don’t have off camera flash or modifiers to work with, shoot during the magic hour.  The above is the best example.

Total shade with pop up flash = flat light and unwanted shadows on the background.

Awkward pose, and bad composition.  Never cut off at the joints of your subject.  I notice this problem with quite a few of your shots.

The tilt.  I sometimes call it the “Fauxtog tilt”. When  it’s used improperly, it’s just horrible.  Look up “Dutch angle”.  It’s used to create and uneasy disoriented feeling, to put viewers on edge.  This isn’t usually the feeling you want to convey when shooting portraits.  Not to say it never works, but it should be used sparingly and strategically.  One time on my son’s first day of first grade, we were running late and I realized “crap!  I forgot to take his picture!”  Grabbed my camera and popped it in AV mode, checked my aperture, and snapped.  It was tilted and the only “Dutch angle”. I ever shot.  That’s the feeling it gives me.  “Eh, who cares!  Snap!”  That’s nPOA photograph, it’s a snap shot, and snap shots shouldn’t be paid for

Second link
Strongest image
But I think it would have been better if the rule of thirds was followed

Same issues with the on board flash in these images, plus distracting foregrounds.
White balance is off as well.

Study good composition rules, get the flash off your camera, learn how to use and modify light, read your manual and learn how to custom white balance, use the magic hour whenever possible, it is our friend, watch those joints, and never cut them off, and watch that Dutch angle.  And keep shooting!! 🙂