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When I bought my Rebel (used) a few years ago, I bought it with the 18-55 and the 55-250 kit lenses. Which both kind of suck, by the way. The 55-250 offers nice compression of DOF when zoomed in all the way but the downside is that lens also exhibits a terrible sharpness falloff so I do not use it for portraits at all anymore (decent for nature shots though). They each had a mid-grade UV filter on them. I found them to be useful when shooting images of water; they actually did help minimize the glare and instead I could shoot things that were below the water’s surface. Pretty cool for doing nature photography. And yes, there are for sure times when I’d like to have the extra protection on my nice lenses, but I should get in the habit more of using the hoods (I typically do not and am going to more this year).

But yeah, invest in good glass, but know how to use that good glass to it’s advantage.