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There’s a difference between being a fauxtog and a serious hobbyist.  Fauxtogs typically bought their Canon T2i at Best Buy with a kit lens and UV filter because the kid in high school said they would protect your lens (complete crock of shit).  They start a Facebook photography page about 2 months after buying their camera and after all their friends “liked” their horrible images.  They claim hobbyist status in public but tell all their friends they’re going pro.  They offer all images on a CD for the low cost of $25 which tells us they’re not the sole income earner (usually a stay at home mom) and have no CODB plan.  They use a free web based editing application and think selective coloring is to die for.  They have huge logos and a cliche business name like “A Moment Lasts Forever Images” or “Hearts of Love Photography”.   They use the word passion or passionate in their bio and classify their style as “whimsical” or “contemporary”. They buy actions from Etsy.

A serious hobbyist simply enjoys the love of creating images.  They harbor no fantasy’s of becoming pro.  They are intent on learning about light and the many implements used to produce it or use it.  They may have an online gallery to share with online forum members.  They are generally far more knowledgeable than the 2 month FB “pro”.