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One day I was driving downtown to meet a family I was going to be shooting. We have a very aesthetic downtown here and I use a few of the brick walls and alley ways during photo sessions. As I was parking, I saw this girl with a small DSLR and what appeared to be a kit lens around her neck with a cheesily-dressed family behind her. They were walking toward this one park where there is a memorial fountain. Too many people take pictures right in front of that fountain and another one at another park. And the photos always look so bad! I was just glad she didn’t follow me to my “secret” locations. I always get slightly annoyed when people “steal” my spots, lol. There is one goldmine spot in town that is public property with some abandoned buildings right by the river and lots of foliage that so far, I have not seen any other photogs posting photos taken there. It’s only a matter of time I’m sure though.