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I had another one I just thought of.  This guy is more of a creeper fauxtog than anything else.  He is a much older guy who runs a local website that does “model photography” which is usually just an excuse to get questionable looking women to take their clothes off for him.  Really cheesy stuff.  This guy used to stalk around on another message board I frequent where he was much older than everybody else and was basically run off because the other photographers thought his work was terrible.

As for the encounter itself.  I was doing some photo stuff for a local charity celebrity golf tournament.  Myself and another guy from aforementioned website were walking around the course trying to get different shots of the action.  About halfway down the course we ran into a hole sponsored by Hooters.  They were giving out swag and hanging with some of the celebs as they would come by and the spot was obviously teaming with guys.  We got some pictures and kept on going.  When we came back later on that afternoon, we noticed this old guy hanging out with a camera who had been there before.  The other guy and myself noticed how he was taking lots of pictures of the girls and was showing some of them the shots.  I got a picture of him doing this once.  We joked within earshot of him that it would be funny if it was that same guy that had been on our message board before.

Sure enough, later that evening I was processing my pictures and ran across the one shot I got of the guy showing a Hooters girl his picture.  He had a lost and found label on his flash and it had his website name on it.  It was the same creeper dude that we had talked with before.  That was definitely random as hell and he absolutely looked and played the part.