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The pop-up flash, especially without any kind of diffuser, is always a dead give-away.

I was shooting a family on an old bridge that’s closed to autos and I noticed a fauxtog behind me.  We were JUST getting started though, so I made sure I took my time… we were there first.  While we weren’t there for a VERY long time, I guess they got tired of waiting.  I had my group of 6 stretched across the bridge right in the middle and they set up at the base behind me.  She put her subjects with their backs to my subjects and got down and started shooting.  No doubt she got me and all my people in her shots, and not just that, but all our gear… my big camera bag, partner’s big camera bag, bags with blankets for sitting on when needed and what not, and all the subjects’ crap as they all had extra shirts they might want, etc.

Did I mention that these people were both wearing mesh shirts, the woman had these weird legging things on, and had these very ugly dogs with them…