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@Glowatski, cameraclicker is right, there is absolutely no permission required from either you or your photographer to post a link to that image to any website. A real professional has a contract; in their contract there should be a point pertaining to the photographer’s right, as the artist and copyright owner of the images, to post and do whatever they please with the images. The photographer posted the image on her public photography page on Facebook, and a link to that as well as any commentary associated with it has not violated any rights. You can request your photographer remove the images from her FB page. She legally does not have to, but if it’s a friend, may side with you. If this photographer didn’t have any contract for you to sign, well number one, that’s just plain stupid, number two, it’s kind of “anything goes” since no terms were put forth. By default the ownership and copyright of any photograph belongs to the photographer. You/your family, by allowing said photographer to take your picture, ultimately agreed to the “risk” of the image being posted and critiqued.