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@glowatski — Your permission is not required by anyone posting the photo for the purpose of discussion about it.  Equally, your photographer’s permission is not required.  A third point is that your photographer does not need your permission to post the photo as a representation of his/her work.  However, the whole point of this exercise was to educate you, and possibly your photographer.  I hope you agree that the picture looks better without the bright stick in the foreground.  Even if you disagree the picture looks better, you have seen the power editing software makes available to change an image.

The files have been deleted from my server.  If you try to view them, you may find you still can.  This is because web browsers keep copies on the local hard drive, which they use to display content faster than they could if they had to download everything, every time.  You will probably have to clear the browser’s cache before you get a message saying the content can not be displayed.  Or, just try it from some computer that has never been to this site.

Happy American Thanksgiving.