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@glowatski — I think you might have been addressing my comment about stuff jumping into the frame, so I will respond.

I really don’t care who you hire to take photos and I was not commenting on your tastes.  However, it is the photographer’s responsibility to look around the viewfinder to see what is in the picture besides the subject.  At one time or another we all take photos with either foreground or background junk, sometimes both, that we wish was not there.  You might be amazed at how often EXIT signs appear while doing event photography!  When that happens to us (while not shooting reportage, you are not allowed to edit stuff into or out of a news shot) we can employ editing software to fix our mistake.  If I was paying for, or being paid for, a photo, I would expect it to be free of obvious errors.  If it was something I shot on vacation and I just put it on my personal page for my mother to see, I might have different standards.

As far as using a $100 camera from Walmart, yes, it can take good, interesting photos, but for a lot of what we shoot, it is a pain to use so most of us use cameras that are slightly more expensive.    Please check out this show: