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In a follow up to my recent Christening debacle story, I posted up some of the photos that I took onto private online gallery for my cousin-in-law to look at, and last week received a text saying “We love your photos, can we have them?”…..*twitch*.

Apparently the brother only took a few photos of the Godparent with the baby but none of the parents or anyone else! Then I was informed that they were so thankful I’d been there to take some photos as well. Cue effusive and embarrasingly over the top praise from them. Me: head repeatedly connecting with wall, mixed with tongue biting so as not to say “I told you so!”.

Will they learn from this? Yeah – nah!

(I ended up selling them a DVD of the photos for a nominal fee – since I refused to give them away but am not so vindictive as to charge full price, much as I wanted to 😉 )