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faux not funny

I know a lady through facebook who was a party planner, then one day she sent me a message to my inbox. It said something like this.

” I have been out and bought a good camera and a vinyl backdrop. I was wondering if I could use your business name to advertise my photography services”.

Well, my jaw hit the floor. A day earlier she was a party planner, one shopping trip later, ta-da, she’s a photographer.

I said no, incase you’re wondering lol

Anyway, she set up her “photography” business and the results to this day are truly awful. To start off with EVERYTHING was way under exposed and she appeared to be coloring in the white background with the brush tool. From there she progressed to a white vignette (she still uses that). Now her images are ALL over exposed with very very little contrast. She doesn’t even adjust the contrast when she converts images to black and white, so they just look like they have been faded by the sun for twenty years. Any head and shoulders shots she takes are OOF or have camera shake. Her first ¬†photography album on her facebook profile was called “my attempt at photography lol”, yet she had already started a page offering photography to paying customers.

Well, I was angry, but now I just find it funny. She must have seen my client base was well established and just decided she wanted in on  that. It was never going to happen.