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Oh!  But wait -there’s more —

Several years ago, my friend was getting married and I was not yet in a position to shoot her wedding.  She ended up with the father of one of her bridesmaids who had an established business.  We have no idea how he gets that business.  He kept looking at me with my entry level dSLR and looking VERY nervous and uncomfortable.  Of course, my pictures were largely crap.  I had JUST gotten the camera and was still learning it.  So anyway, his came back and I probably had more good ones than he did.  Not to mention, he’s already giving them a “deal” but totally ripped them off.  Told her to pick out however many pics she wanted for the book but then failed to mention that after x there would be overages and tried to bill her another $500.  She said forget that, just give me one 4×6 of everything.  So he did… and they looked like he’d printed them out at home, very poor quality and paper and ink.  Her mother ordered an 8×10, the price was outrageous and what he sent her was the picture on copy paper.  The disc he sent her that was supposed to have low-res images on it… it was just a link to his freaking website.  And to get a digital copy of those images you had to do a screen capture as each one was actually in 4-6 pieces so there was no right-clicking and doing save as to get what she’d originally been promised.  At the reception, he had way too many pics of his daughter including her dancing with her boyfriend’s hands on her butt.

My friend would have sued his ass off but for his daughter being her friend.  I think she wishes now that she had, since they’re not friends anymore, anyway, for other reasons.