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My cousin hired what turned out to be a fauxtographer.  I live out of state, but I wish she’d talked to me first.  This woman did okay…ish outside though she has little idea what composition is and doesn’t seem to know how to make any kind of lighting work for her, but inside the church, EVERY picture was blurry.  After a lot of run-around, my cousin was able to get a high-res disc (that didn’t work properly the first time, either) and I tried to clean up her favorite images as best I could.  This woman was using a very expensive Canon and a picture of our grandmother… ISO 400, shutter 1/13, f-stop 4, focal length 84mm…. OMG….  Horrible.
Then I saw her website… one loooooooooooooooong page with everyone’s proofs right there and every so often an email address and “contact me for prints, all images copyrighted.”  Well, no wonder…