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This isn’t really a horror story but more of a vent when I came across one. There’s an art gallery at the local botanical gardens which was having a community day just the other day. There was a photo exhibit from a local ‘artist’ featuring pictures from the botanical gardens. The fauxtographer was at the gallery explaining the photos, her inspirations and other shit she was pulling from her ass and generally talking herself up trying to sell the pictures. Each photo was virtually the same using a wide angle lens to look up the trunk of a tree, the only difference was it was a different tree in each image which was photoshopped beyond recognition. The photoshopping was horrendous, the pictures would either be entirely blue, entirely red, entirely green, etc with no resemblance at all to the original photo. I actually heard her telling people the photos weren’t that good to start with but when she photoshopped them it made them really artistic. She didn’t even have a theme in mind, just wanted to make them artistic. According to the pamphlet that was being handed out, she took over 300 photos and of those she only saw potential in 20 which were basically exactly the same.