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@Jenz… no, definitely not jealous. If I wanted to resort to setting my camera on auto and charging people for it, maybe I’d fit in the class with Chell. I looked again at her albums and can’t seem to figure out what you mean by “good.” Take off your mommy goggles. Of course you’re going to love the photos of your own kids. The few images that look somewhat redeeming all have technical failures. Really overexposed, bad color casts or white balance issues, grainy, over-softened, or out of focus. Clearly using on-camera flash which creates washed-out faces and dark shadows. And most of them exhibit poor attention to composition. Saw many trees growing out of peoples’ heads. And ugh! What is with all the selective color! Why does anyone think that looks good? It does nothing but take the attention away from the subject. She does not know how to properly use her equipment, or her editing software.

There is more to photography than taking pictures of cute kids.

Sorry, if someone is using consistently terrible grammar on a business page, I’m not going to take them seriously. Maybe they should revisit fourth grade.