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Jenz, honey -_- Chell is not good. She’s not burn your eyes out bad, but not good either. This is for you: http://www.takeoffyourmommygoggles.com/   Read that article thoroughly. It’s important. This sets you up for the next assignment.

Now do one or both of two things ( woo bad grammar there, but I don’t feel well so meh): google Children photography, click images. Compare any of those to Chells. With the exception of 5 or so they are all brilliant. If for some reason that doesn’t work, here : http://confessionsofapropjunkie.com/  Prop junkie links and advertises tons and tons of small business photographers who are worlds above your friend.


Now, before you get all mad, do me a favor and actually look through what I gave you here. I’m not saying she should hang up her hat or whatever. I am saying she needs some help, and some honest people to help her out. Her black and whites are soo…. flat o.o You honestly don’t see just how they feel like a newspaper printing? eh.


I also can’t make active links -_- I hit add link like 12 times and it just sits there and mocks me o.o