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I attended a very artsy high school that included dance classes, which I took and adored. At the end of every term there would be a performance showcase, and the school would hire a photographer to document the dress rehearsal. My last year, they changed from the person who had been shooting the rehearsals for several years to a new (cheaper) photographer. And it showed. Almost every image was blurred, often there didn’t seem to be a single thing or person in focus. It was like this person had never tried to photograph moving people before. Many of the shots seemed to be trying to capture the entire stage, resulting in everyone looking like unidentifiable dots in a vast black space. The photographer also brought his apprentice with him, who was just as bad, and creepy to boot. He took 85 photos of one girl, and almost nothing of anybody else. In some of them he was obviously trying to look up her skirt or down her front. He also had no idea how to work with the lighting, so many of his pictures were extremely dark.

The photographer the school used to use was very skilled. I myself once bought a print of a girl I didn’t even know because it was such a good image, and I know other people who did the same. The new guy, ugh, I only bought a print because it was my last show. I heard through the alumni grapevine they went back to the first photographer the following year.