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I haven’t really had to deal with any fauxtographers, but I did have to deal with someone who would be the perfect client for them. She was someone who worked with one of my sisters, and sent me a message on my page asking how much I would charge to take photos of her and her 6 month old. Well I usually give people who my sister refers a discount.  I asked her what her budget was in order to determine what kind of discount I would give her, and see what exactly she was looking for. This was her response (her spelling and everything):

“Depends on how long of a session it takes to do pics  i hve someone tht is willing to do flat rate of 40 bucks to do it but am unfamiliar with her work and doesnt hve fb page to se previous work. I would be willing to pay 25Per hr or so n also depends on what u are able to provide us with as far as backdrops go and props etc.”

Well I do not have a studio, but I do have a portable background stand and backgrounds that I will gladly take to a clients location. (Which also is figured into my rates).  I kindly informed her that I would not be willing to lower my prices that much, and best of luck to her with her other photographer. (in case you wanted to take a look….here is the photographer she was referring to:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blue-Anchor-Photography/226986970737493)

What I wanted to tell her that $25 an hour isn’t even worth the gas to drive to her location. Let alone set up a background, lights, etc….

Every day it amazes me what kind of bad pictures people are willing to pay for just to save a couple of dollars.