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I think you are confusing not liking a photo with bad photography.  Sure he has some images that aren’t as strong as others in his portfolio, but that is true with any photographer. (By the way, the one you pointed out, isn’t one of the weaker ones)  he obviously knows how to work his camera and create what he is looking to make.  If I had to guess, I’d say he is very experienced, and most likely started years ago with film.   I bet if you dug a little, you’d find I’m right with my assumptions.  If not, I’ll gladly eat my words. (I’m going to have to have a longer look tomorrow because I’m very curious to find out)  You calling him a fauxtog just shows me how very green and new you are To this medium.  No, he’s not the be all and end all, (i bet he’d say the same) and he’s still riding the waves just like the rest of us, but I believe he IS a pro that you could actually learn a lot from.  I wouldn’t mind picking his brain a little even if I find out he’s a kid that just started shooting a month ago. 🙂