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I was having a discussion with my teen daughter one day who thinks photography isn’t an art form or a true medium. Same girl who uses photographs all the time to sketch and come up with ideas, ugh! “Why do you think you are attracted to this picture? Yes, the subject looks fantastic and you have a super star crush on him, but… Would it have given you the same feeling without the wardrobe, without the lighting, without the environment, without the POV?”.

That’s pretty funny since what you have posted looks good!

I’m glad there’s hope!  Grand-niece’s mother sometimes takes photos from my Flickr page and has them printed 4 X 6, then gives them back to us!  Typically the photos were resized to 1024 X 683 px before posting so they load quickly.  She’s a bright girl, a practicing RN with a string of post graduate degrees.  I don’t know why she doesn’t get that I took the photo and have the raw file, and a printer.

I shot the little one a couple of weeks ago and selected a shot to print.  So this coming weekend I’m giving her a 13 X 19 photo in a floating photo frame.  We’ll see if it makes an impression.