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Firstly, I don’t truly care about what fauxs think. I’m not trying to be elitist. It’s just that no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to wake up someone who is pretending to be asleep. And that goes for those who think the output of these people is just amazing. So if the faux thinks I’m overpriced and those beneath them are wrongly shooting for free, I don’t care.
However, I have always thought one day to make up a list, and I think it’ll be long, as to why people think the output of these fauxs is good enough. Ugh, I hate that expression. Since when is “good enough” acceptable in this world? Since when do people settle for having anything in their lives be “good enough”. That’s why we have cars that are endlessly recalled, cameras with little DR, furniture that lasts years and not decades, homes made of chipboard and not real wood and on and on. And of course, photos that are “good enough”. Really? You want your precious memories to be “good enough” which in most cases with a faux is “good enough” according to an even lower standard than most. But I digress a bit.
So, just for now, let me continue on with what you started and that’s the acceptance of so many for crappy photography. Like many, I too grew up looking at great photos. I know what’s good and what’s not, immediately. I don’t need someone to point out the poor lighting, lack of depth, correct skin tones and on and on. Many people today have grown up with pure garbage phone photo snaps and as long as something in it is remotely recognizable, it’s a “great shot of you guys!”. So when a faux takes a shot that’s very slightly better than the garbage they are used to, it’s “amazing”. These poor souls have never seen a good photo. They may have seen their friend’s wedding album done by a decent photographer and compared it to their faux wedding pics. They still think their own are great. Why? Because to truly show them what’s good and crappy is to have a real photographer and faux shoot their wedding side by side. A direct comparison of the same shot is what it takes for many to see the difference. I don’t know how many weddings I’ve done where the bride picks up her albums and is so glad that she can see the detail in her dress, the detail in the tux and vest and on and on (as she knew she would) after seeing all the pics guests and family took with their “pro” dslrs that she’d been looking at waiting for me to get her albums put together. As for the rest of the people thinking the fauxs are great, they’ve had nothing to compare the crap output to so will never get it. They are turning in to the generation of it’s “good enough”. And the bar sinks ever lower as the years go on.