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Oh gosh emf, I apologize.

those last sentences were just me imagining a convo between two fauxs about amateurs, and not actual quotes. Sorry, it was misinterpreted. Just me trying to understand the anger and frustration over a person taking their own portraits/pictures of their own family and friends for free. Isn’t this what my camera is for? Taking pictures of what I want to keep with me.
I know that anyone that has a new camera and shares their photos or expresses any interest in photography instantly gets pressure and/or encouragement to go pro “You should charge for this. I’d pay you”, but I had no idea they were also getting pressured by fauxtographers that know them.

Camera clicker,
Makes a little more sense after your explanation.

I remember when our NatGeo would show up. I’d start salivating lol but I was the youngest in the family and had to wait for my turn with it. I’d take a while because my older sister was an aspiring artist and she’d spend days and days with it, sketching ideas and tracing and studying. Same with our Wold mag, TV guide, readers digest, Cricket, etc, but the a National Geographic was the very hardest to wait for. Sometimes just looking at the pictures can make me physically cry. That’s powerful stuff right there.

It seems while my standards for good photography keeps rising, everyone else around me is lowering theirs. I find all of this faux stuff so strange, and very interesting at the same time. Maybe it’s because of lack of exposure? Not ever having a Nat Geo right in their hands in front of them. Not ever having a well done portrait in their hands. Not smelling or feeling the paper, not seeing the images except online. They don’t get it, because they aren’t exposed to it?

I was having a discussion with my teen daughter one day who thinks photography isn’t an art form or a true medium. Same girl who uses photographs all the time to sketch and come up with ideas, ugh! “Why do you think you are attracted to this picture? Yes, the subject looks fantastic and you have a super star crush on him, but… Would it have given you the same feeling without the wardrobe, without the lighting, without the environment, without the POV?”. We had plenty of discussions like this in the past, but this time I showed her Steve McCurry, Dorothea Lange, Alfred Eisentaed (oops spelling lol), and anyone else I could come up with that might spark her insides. She was closer to getting it, but not really there. But, when I bought her a special edition of Life and brought it home to her, she got it. I will never forget the way she felt it. Yes, my pictures may not be art to her, and her friends pictures, and paparazzi photos may not be art to her, but real great photography is. “Look at the light. Look at the shadow. Look at the expression, the emotion, the color, the tones, the feel. A photograph can change the world inside you”. She may not be as big of a fan as I am, but she gets it now. Only because she was exposed. Shame on me for not exposing her to it her whole life. But, I’m like anyone else these days.