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The post processing done to these photographers overall are quite mediocre.  Though the first photo has some promise to it, every  photo fell quite flat. and as harsh it is to say, I don’t think you are even in the realm of editorial at all.

In all photos, it’s seems like someone just discovered curves and decided to mess around with colour, saturation and lighting. The colours in all the photos contradict each other and are too dominating. Remember that colours have a pallet and they need to compliment each other.

The first photo is probably the best one however it has quite a bit of work.

Work on Fine Art Retouching, the first photo might look nice but you’ve softened and blurred the skin which is not how you retouch skin for editorials.
Work on Dodge & Burn
Might have been done on Camera, but the editing made the highlights burn.

The second photo is probably the worst one

Over-saturation and colour manipulation has caused the seat, table, and her elbow to grain up and loose information.
Too much contradicting colours.
Too many light sources – I.E the window on the left is fighting for attention, however this was more the fault of the photographer
Photo’s not even levelled.

This photo has redeeming qualities.

Work on where you shoot. The stick on the right is dominating
Whatever misty/blur thing you did in the background of this just doesn’t work. There are plenty of tutorials on MM to achieve whatever look you want to have
Irregular skin tones kinda give me the idea that you only edited the face but neglected the hands and the thigh area.

Anyway, if you are the one doing the editing. Don’t over saturate and don’t over do the colours. Check out MM, they have plenty of tutorials on how to do nice Colour Grading.