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As a person who has assisted in preparing drag queens on Halloween, I can attest to how difficult you must be to work with ūüėČ

no one on this earth is more self conscious and self aware, than a drag queen. ¬†BUT editing and subject aside, I tend to agree with browneyed and the above posters. ¬†The tog fell short in camera. ¬†When that happens, you won’t have the foundation you need to get the desired look. ¬†No ammount of editing will make up for it. ¬†Unfortunately, you are right. photogs that know their stuff, aren’t going to take to kindly to you taking over. ¬†There’s an element of trust that would be broken, and I don’t think it would go over very well. ¬†You need someone that knows flash for sure. ¬†Natural light is not what you want. ¬†It’s too soft for what I believe is your desired outcome. ¬†I think if you found a good strobist to work with you would be much happier with the images. ¬†And btw an experienced strobist wouldn’t even flinch at the thought of setting up in the woods. ¬†Good luck in your endevours