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Honestly, I think the photographer could have done a better job in-camera. Some of the background and/or other elements in the photo are distracting. The processing gave them each a unique feel… my first impression with all of them was shock value. You’ll have that with the subject matter (after all, you are a drag queen!) but the high saturation of colors and funky toning just diverts the attention away from the actual photograph. The photographer isn’t terrible, and they have potential, but like someone else said maybe it was a shoot style they haven’t done before. I don’t like the shadows in the McDonald’s photo and I agree that the twisted branch in the 3rd photo is too intense. I liked some things about the first photo except there were some distracting background elements. The photos aren’t quite my style so I might not be the right judge of them. They definitely have a unique style to them.

I do question, however, you getting defensive about owning all the rights to the photographs. I understand that some photographers will do that, especially if it’s a friend of yours. But the vast majority of photographers will keep their copyright to their work, and give print releases or distribution rights. While you may have given the photographer a lot of input on how you wanted the shoot to go and/or how you wanted the edited image to look, the photographer after all still is the artist so your desires may not have had much to do with the final product. If I were the photog I would feel a little defensive toward you, as the model, claiming your creative genius was a large part of the finished images.