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I didn’t  get the same feelings or come to the same conclusions as soaring at all.  I think that it’s this forum that jaded her perspective.  We get a lot of togs coming on here just to bash other togs to try to make themselves look better.  They start out saying they are anybody but who they are, and come to find out they are guilty of the same crimes they are claiming the tog they posted about are.  We also get less than forthright people posting their work, and when people don’t come back saying they are the best darn photos they have ever laid their eyes on, they get bent.  Like I said I don’t think these scenarios are anything like yours, but I can kind of see why soaring may have jumped to the wrong conclusion.

to you it’s not serious when the above scenarios take place, but to us… Well it’s what we do.  Photography is our thing, for us it is serious, and I think it puts us on the defensive when things like this happen.

now, on to your dilemma.  I think if this tog is a friend, or someone readily available to you, and you can see the potential in her/his portfolio… Why not stick it out?   Especially if the tog is interested and is getting something creatively out of it.  Maybe by continuing to work together you can finally “get it”.  Don’t think of  it as instructing the photographer as much as just communicating with them.  If they are wanting it, this could be invaluable to them.  If this is a no go, then I would look for a tog that shoots closer to what you want and is more experienced in directing/posing and more a vanguard. Yes, the editing needs work, and is an important part of your vision, but you can’t get to that without first having the right image.  I would think you wouldn’t have a problem finding a tog to work with.  Fun fun fun!  You’re fabulous