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My first impressions, before reading all the replies… LOVE the model, and the concept I think you were trying for, but unfortunately the photographer fell short.  I took your post as you asking whether your photographer is a faux or not, BUT that you didn’t want the photographs to be judged by editing, style, or concept because your photographer was following your lead, and attempting to create what you were looking for.  Failed attempt.  Does that necessarily mean faux?  Not in my book.  Quite possibly just a tog that was taken out of their comfort zone and usual genre of photography, and they lack in the know how and experience to achieve this type of shoot successfully.  Now, if he/she said “Sure I can do that!  No problem. Pay me!” and/or tried to convince you the images were rockin awesome, after you complained, or were not satisfied in anyway with them. Then…. I may change my mind on the whole faux thing.

After reading the entire discussion…

I’m not exactly sure what your intentions were by posting, and I’m left a little confused, but I sure hope I helped you in some way