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I said I had imput on what i wanted the finished image to look like…Im not a retoucher, I know nothing of the process. i said how I wanted the final image to look based on my limited knowledge and I imagine they got as close to that as possible. Whose problem is it, at this point I’m not sure.

How much your client pays has nothing to do with anything… someone with too much money that they find that somehow appropriate. Although Im assuming it was some sort of corporate client and not an individual and most of that is the fee to distribute the images. Art doesn’t have a price. I guess thats where we really don’t connect. I’m an artist (well technically you are as well ) but you care more about it as a business than an artform (i gather, i dont really know you so i have no idea). Although im sure if i paid 10k  I would be perfectly satisfied. I do apologize for what I said about your work earlier…no need to go there really but I think I took offense as an artist and thats why i went after yours I guess.  But that still being said, I prefer the outcome of my images to several examples of yours. (based on content I guess and not alot of extreme editing which I like…) But I guess thats bc your clients don’t ask for that. I did like the wedding one on the cliff with the wind, that I did like.