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Unless you shoot landscapes or still life and exhibit photographs, clients are essential to your business. Unless you do it solely for the sake of art…the client is what defines you. Without clients…you aren’t anything. For instance, say the photographer says that the model is responsible for a bad shot…who else is going to model for them.

Lol Wrong.You already contradicted yourself in your own definition. You’ve already put prerequisites on an already flawed definition. Your client does not make you a photographer. You even said so in your own definition!

Understanding clients is what makes you a successful photographer, but saying that having or working with clients is the litmus test of what makes a photographer? no false.

You have little to do with photography and here you are trying to box us into a definition? That’s funny! No biggy. If that’s the case then I just had a $10,000 client. Will you listen to my opinions now?


You said initially that you said how the editing had to be done. That’s literally what you said. Therefore we judged on the editing. and now you are peeved that we judged you on editing? What did you want to be judged on?? What exactly are you upset about?

Your metaphor doesn’t even make sense because it has nothing to do with the situation here. You’ve clearly just tried to staple some problem you think I have to your own insecurities cause you didn’t get the opinion you wanted.

I critique based on photography and editing on the 3 photos you put on a photography based forum saying how you had input in the editing process of it and you fault me cause of it?