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Unless you shoot landscapes or still life and exhibit photographs, clients are essential to your business. Unless you do it solely for the sake of art…the client is what defines you. Without clients…you aren’t anything. For instance, say the photographer says that the model is responsible for a bad shot…who else is going to model for them.


Now, that being said. I did have ALOT of influence in these photos..they are mine and I own the rights to them so if anything it would make me look bad and not the photographer. Your issues lie in the technical aspects and thats what really irritated me because it was never about technical shit for me… and judging a photographers work without consideration of what I wanted is ridiculous. That being said, the execution of what I wanted isn’t my fault and obviously I’d like the skin to match but in the end I don’t care. I’m satisfied. The point is, you shoot weddings, tell a bride she’s the problem with the photograph or be haughty and make it about you instead of them when presenting the photos and see where that gets you.