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Na, go 2 MM and reenact how you worded everything and the same opinions would still come out.

Don’t get upset when you don’t get the answer you are looking for in a website designed pinpoint Fauxtographers. Now you are just acting innocent of all this? bah.

If you want your photographs to be better then take responsibility to make them better. Art and Technicality aren’t unrelated and can easily work together.

My first post was good advice  that I would give to anyone truly seeking for opinion on how to get better – something I thought you were doing. Instead of what i think you are doing now. Outing someone out. What I gave was a universal standard in any photography forums. Modelmayhem or otherwise.

You can take that advice or leave it.  If you are above becoming listening to opinions, go right ahead and think me pompous. The choice is yours. Doesn’t bother me at all.


P.S You don’t define what a real photographer is, sorry but client being incharge of defining a photographer? ridiculous. 🙂