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Imput isn’t execution.  I said I wanted more saturated colors than the normal work I had seen. I had imput but nothing to do with the execution… as far as the colors, I myself don’t see a problem with the colors.  For the third photo, I think the shoes look clunkier than they really are because of the angle. I do wish they were different shoes. As for the lighting, its hard to do professional lighting in the middle of the woods…I just think the proportions in the third photo are a bit bizarre. I like the first one even though I actually had nothing to do with the execution. I didn’t get to pick the specific shot either unfortunately. There are always shots I like better but I’m overruled because I don’t know what Im talking about.    http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/pic/30494145

that is more along the lines of the usual style work, faded looking which I definately didn’t care for. I like the more saturated and deep colors as opposed to what I think looks faded.