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I really like the first one.

The second one, the shadow under your jawline is far too dark and… you’re at McDonalds? The set-up looks a bit odd. Your personal posing and make-up seem a bit nice, however.

Don’t like the 3rd one at all. Could probably suggest some diff. shoes with the outfit. Have any slippers or the like which would go with the cape or skirt? Could also suggest a different angle. My roomate does drag on occasion, though it’s a bit more on the goth side than queen. I was supposed to photograph do the variety/drag/burlesque show here in STL but ran out of free time.

In photography, men look better from below, or the side, etc. while women generally do better if the photographer is above them.  My roomie works well from above, however. It also depends on which features you want to accentuate and what you’re trying to get across.

For the third image, I like your general idea, but might have suggested a shot from (your) right a bit with the photographer squatting slightly and you looking at about the same angle, though maybe sadder? More peaceful? But for the main one, I’d suggest them behing up a little bit higher. Maybe try a few closer ups with you a bit more off center, as well as some further back to take in the landscape as well.

If you’re ever in STL, I’d love to go do some photos in one of the local parks.