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Mrs Woo

I actually got talked into shooting a wedding long before the days of digital.  My step sister (who is by nature very frugal to begin with) was planning an outdoor wedding with at total budget of less than $300.  Not only did I get lassoed into shooting the wedding (all the time insisting to her, “I have never photographed a wedding, do not have adequate flash, etc.”  (to which she argued this is an outdoor wedding, there’s this big thing called the sun to provide light), do not have my own dark room to do prints, etc.) I also did all the flower arrangements and decorating.  I guess I should be grateful that since she made me photographer I was not required to also be a member of her small wedding party…

I had been trained to do darkroom work by a former wedding photographer a few years previous.  At the time, I aspired to be a professional photographer one day.  I love photography, love people – it sounded like a great job.  He talked me out of it.  He had done it for a long time, but even back then the competition and unpredictability and lack of respect for the craft by many clients made him frustrated.  He told me that if I really was that naive I could try, but I should always make sure I had a day job.