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Haha! Crying hot mess? Oh boy. For really red skin I neutralize it with one action that adds cyan in a brush-on format. I can do it in Lightroom also, but the brush-on one is quicker.

At the last wedding one of the bridesmaids was sniffling through the whole dinner because her boyfriend was texting her and being a jerk. The bride had to steal her phone and go into the bathroom, call him, and tell him to stop it. Bride and bridesmaid haven’t talked since the wedding unfortunately! Glad I had such a cool bride to work with though.

You’re quite close to me then! I live in FdL. PS can I see some of your work? I love photography of nature and still life also, that’s what got me more into photography at the beginning and I love just shooting that stuff for myself.  Here’s my page. https://www.facebook.com/RoxanneElisePhotography