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As far as people getting ticked if you turn them down – I’m on my mother-in-law’s “shit list” since Aug for refusing to photograph my “cousin-in-law’s” wedding. People are ridiculous but I’m not horribly concerned about that.

You have a good point that some people just don’t care about photos. If they are happy with just having some guests who help out by recording the event than what’s the harm? That is a good consideration to make. If they just want some shots, than as a guest & friend I will happily help them out, and be really clear that if they want true photography of the wedding they will need to hire out. That is a fabulous solution Reality Check. Thank you.

I’ve been doing some research as to whom in my area takes great wedding & family photos so that I can give solid referrals & prevent my friends  from hiring Fautogs. I think as a friend, if I support my friends in making a choice they are comfortable with, that will offset some of the fear of hiring a stranger.

Interesting thought that Fautogs do it for power & praise. I guess maybe that’s true for some people. At one time I worked for an entertainment company and shot rock/metal live shows. Now that gave a feeling of power with a “free pass” to anything & everything. Unfortunately the owner, who was my boss, died of an OD & I realized that I had developed tinnitus from the constant exposure to noise. — anyway, I certainly don’t do weddings for “power”. LOL