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The OOF pics to me were unappealing.  I didn’t like the editing… if you bring some shots back and strip down the editing, you’d have some decent shots like this one:  http://s1299.beta.photobucket.com/user/yawn1027/media/IMG_0587.jpg.html?sort=3&o=10  I love it even though you can see a roll in her belly that’s not very flattering (which you I’m sure you can photoshop a little to fix that) but that’s the pic that sticks out at me that I really like.   It just looks so comfortable and laid back and I like that their hands are touching… cute cute shot but I’m just not a fan of that desaturated look… that’s my personal preference but you have an excellent shot there.  I like this one: http://s1299.beta.photobucket.com/user/yawn1027/media/IMG_0479.jpg.html?sort=3&o=13 except the color is just a little too warm for me.   This: http://s1299.beta.photobucket.com/user/yawn1027/media/IMG_0411.jpg.html?sort=3&o=17 .. cute pic, not-so-great editing.  Biggest flaw is your editing.  Some may like it, I’m just not a fan of the style.   I agree with MBC to like throw away a lot of your shots.