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Beautiful. Thanks. Very informative and stern. I am going to re-do the editing and retouching of the set with the yellow dress. I will select the top 3. Mind doing a critique on them when I finish?

I also do quite a bit of “TF” work. It’s the easiest way to get models for projects and concepts that I have. They’re also the easiest way to experiment with new things I have learned. I’ll be buying the X3200 and X1600 at the end of the month and have a couple TF shoots lined up so I can learn and get comfortable with the new lights (before taking them anywhere PAID).

One question… what “cliche’s” are you referring to? I almost instantly think you’re referring to the wedding rings. I must admit that I almost always steer clear of selective coloring. Customers constantly ask for it. I always supply them a copy of a ‘normal’ photograph. Time will tell which one they like better. LOL

Another question? If I may… Portfolios- The more images the better, or the fewer the better? I try to limit the images in my Facebook portfolios, but on my website, I post whole wedding days.

Again, thanks!